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2.0.0 was a major update for Team Fortress 2 Classic, also known as the Death & Taxes update, released on July 4, 2020. This was the first update made to the game in over four years. It featured a significant overhaul to existing content in addition to mass amounts of new content. The patch notes were released on Death & Taxes Day 4.

This update came after 2.0.0 (BETA 4) and before 2.0.1.


Weapon Changes

Added The Coilgun

Added The Dynamite Pack

Added The Huntsman

Added The Mine Layer

Added The Sandvich

Added The Shock Therapy

Reworked the Nailgun:(sic)

  • Fires slower than before.
  • Nerfed the clipsize down to 25.
  • Nails now do more damage than before.
  • Added a new taunt when equipped with the Nailgun.
  • Updated Viewmodel animations.

Reworked the RPG:(sic)

  • Rockets do more damage, and have less damage fall-off.
  • Rockets fire in an arc, and whistle upon decent.
  • Rockets fly slower than normal rockets.
  • Added a different taunt when equipped with the RPG.
  • Updated Viewmodel animations.

Reworked the UberSaw:

  • Renamed the Ubersaw to the Uberspritze.
  • Equipping the Uberspritze will now remove 25 health.
  • Can now Taunt Kill.
  • Updated the Taunt Kill voicelines to fit the model.
  • Updated Viewmodel animations to reduce clipping from the plunger.

Reworked the Poachers Pride:

  • Renamed to the Hunting Revolver.
  • Uses a new model.
  • Fires 6 shots, rather than 2.
  • Added damage fall-off for bodyshots.
  • Can only headshot while zoomed in.
  • Shortened the Zoom distance.
  • Updated Viewmodel animations.

Reworked the Fishwhacker:

  • Swings slower.
  • Causes concussional bleeding on hit for 2s.
  • Crits on bleeding enemies.
  • Marked for death whilst holding the Fishwhacker.
  • Updated Viewmodel animations to all be overhanded.
  • Uses new impact sounds.

Reworked the Tranquilizer Gun:

  • Uses a new model.
  • Color blind's victims and reduces their move and turn speed for 5s.
  • Tranqed enemies draw, reload and swing weapons slower.
  • Reloads faster.
  • Reloads whilst holstered.
  • Tranqed enemies now have Snooze Particles to indicate they've been hit.
  • Dart Projectiles now work more like Flares.
  • Has no damage fall-off.

Updated the Grenade Launcher:

  • Clipsize is now shown on the model.

Updated the Sticky Launcher:(sic)

  • Added damage ramp-up over time
  • Immediate detonations do half damage
  • Full damage is reached 2s after firing (1.3s after arming)
  • Self-damage and Sticky Jumping are unchanged
  • Damage ramp-up period starts when charging instead of upon fire.
  • Updated Viewmodel animations to include the other arm.

Updated the Minigun:

  • Shortened the un-deploy time to allow for faster weapon switching after firing.
  • Updated Viewmodel animations to lock the hand to the front grip.

Updated the Knife:

  • Added blood upon backstabbing Enemies.
  • Blood washes off in water.

Added the ability to grab ammo whilst having full reserve ammo, if your clip isn’t completely full.

Added tf2c_weapon_noreload cvar (0 or 1). Disables reloading for all weapons. All ammo is pooled into the clip.

Added tf2c_infinite_ammo cvar (0 or 1). All reserve ammo and recharge meters are infinite. This also applies to metal.

Added tf2c_old_pistol cvar that restores the original semi-automatic pistol behavior.

Added more assist conditions (Under Civilian Damage Boost, Tranq, ETC)

Added weapon clip drops upon reloading clip-based weapons.

Updated brass shells to properly land on top of the ground.

Updated brass shells to appear in the world.

Updated the Heavy’s reload animations to be lower on the screen.

Updated the Disguise Kit with GRN and YLW textures.

Updated the Spy's Cigarette “shell” to be slightly higher poly.

Enabled impact sounds for ejected brass shells.

Implemented “backstab ready” animations for Knife.

Clip Size Multiplier attribute will now round clip size to the nearest integer.

Flamethrower(sic) is now lag compensated. This should dramatically improve flame hit detection at higher latency values.

Fixed a lot of minor animation errors on Viewmodels.

Fixed an issue with The Hunting Revolver viewmodel being visible while zoomed in.

Fixed an issue where first person tracers would sometimes be fired from an incorrect position.

Fixed an issue where weapons would sometimes subtract reserve ammo if the player touched a resupply locker while reloading.

Fixed an issue with grenades colliding with respawn room visualizers.

Fixed player being able to reload Tranquilizer Gun while cloaked.

Fixed an issue causing Minigun barrel to spin up/down too fast at high network latency values.

Fixed an issue causing sticky bomb(sic) detonation sound to rapidly play multiple times in a row.

Fixed a bug preventing the attacker from hearing crit sound on headshot.

Fixed an attack delay bug after cloaking.

Fixed disguised Critboost for the local player

Fixed Projectiles from being able to be shot through thin surfaces.

Clip Size Multiplier attribute will now round clip size to the nearest integer.

Reverted Syringe Gun's projectile speed back to 1000 (was buffed to 1500 at some point in 2015)

UI Changes

Added kill sounds.

Added achievements.

Added medals for Developers, Community Contributors and Beta Testers.

Added a bubble that appears above the player’s head while they have the chat window open.

Added a Civilian icon to the scoreboard.

Added a new hud for 4team CTF.

Added low health warning sound.

  • Toggle with tf2c_low_health_sound cvar. Set health percentage threshold with tf2c_low_health_sound_threshold (default is 0.49).

Added the scrapped freezecam screenshot animation.

  • Toggle with tf2c_freezecam_model cvar.

Added ConVar hud_combattext_overhead (Default: 1):

  • When set to 0, all damage text displayed will appear from where the damage occurred at

Added a viewbob optional cvar that allows for visual motions similar to Half-Life 2 with tf2c_viewbob. Compressed viewmodel_offset_x, viewmodel_offset_y and viewmodel_offset_z cvars into a single cvar: tf_viewmodels_offset_override. Usage: ‘x y z’.

  • You can still use the old commands.

Target ID shows player’s ammo to their healer now.

Ported HUD for Payload and Payload Race.

Ported an option to hide crosshair when scoped in from live TF2.

Ported Medic heal target marker from live TF2.

Ported scoreboard dominations counter from live TF2.

Ported alternate ping icons from live TF2.

Ported full charge bell to Sniper Rifle.

Ported Uber draining faster when healing multiple patients.

Ported the Concise Disguise menu.

Updated default FOV to 90.

Updated scramble vote text to clarify it forces a round restart

Updated the 4-team class select screen.

Updated the 4-team Scoreboard.

Updated the win-panel to show all team's scores in 4-team.

Updated the Spectator bars to be transparent.

Updated the color of damage numbers to yellow and increased font size.

Updated Damage numbers to now be shown to the attacker’s healer.

Updated Hit sounds to show for buildings as well.

Updated Bots with default avatars.

Updated behavior of outline glow on flag carrier to match live TF2.

Fixed damage numbers not being reset properly on map change.

Fixed Buildings that're Destroyed by a Sapper Not Showing Up in the Killfeed

Fixed the new options menu not saving Video settings properly.

Fixed Reset Stats button in Stats dialog not working.

Fixed a camera bug appearing for dead players on a losing team.

Fixed avatars in freezecam and win panel being offset.

Fixed notifications becoming unread between launches.

Fixed a jingle playing when notifications are closed.

Fixed an issue where the cloak/uncloak sounds would play too loudly to the cloaking player.

Fixed avatars in freezecam and win panel being offset.

Fixed chat breaking when a message has too much whitespace.

Fixed a visual issue where Capture Progress arrows would show a long thin line.

Gameplay Changes

Added the VIP gamemode.

Added the Domination gamemode.

Added and improved upon TFBots.

Added a Steam Friends-list to the Main Menu. (Off by default.)

Added a server option for turning off domination/nemesis relationships.

Added support for custom Map-based weapons.

  • Must be named “mapname”_items_game.txt in the maps folder.

Added proximity voice-chat, tf2c_proximity_voice. (Off by default)

Added tf2c_ctf console commands to add some balance to the CTF Gamemode

Disabled capture crits in CTF (0 by default, 10 before the update)

Added tf_logic_classlimits for mappers to set class limits for their map.

Added SetCustomModel for mappers to use their own player models within custom maps.

Added a bunch of I/O and keyfields from live TF2 to tf_gamerules, item_teamflag and func_respawnroomvisualizer

Added all entity filters from live TF2

Added team colored critical explosion particles.

Added Spywalk for Spies. (Bound to Shift by default)

Added the Engineers pelvis hitbox.

Added tf_glow:

  • Map entity that adds a colored outline to a model.

Added tf_player_equip:

  • Map entity that gives econ items to players.

Added tf_spectalk cvar that allows living players to hear spectators using text chat.

Added tf2c_disablefreezecam server cvar that disables freezecam for all players.

Added cl_fp_ragdoll (makes camera try to stay inside your ragdoll's head on death)

Replaced tf_teamtalk cvar with tf_gravetalk that allows living players to hear dead players using text/voice chat (does not include spectators to prevent ghosting.)

Added support for different team scramble player sorting modes, set by mp_scrambleteams_mode cvar. 0 - score/connection time ratio, 1 - kill/death ratio, 2 - score, 3 - class, 4 - random. Default is 0 (normal TF2 always sorts players by score.)

Allowed “god” and “notarget” cheats.

Updated the Civilian’s Speed to be as fast as the Demoman.

Updated the Sentry Gun’s animations to be Interpolated, like the Dispenser and Teleporter.

Updated Rockets, Arrows, Syringes and Flares to pass through Teammates. (tf2c_projectile_ally_collide 1 to re-enable)

Updated Stickies to be able to stick to certain moving surfaces. (Example: Nucleus’ Control Point.)

Updated required backstab conditions to match live TF2

Updated Melee weapons to prioritize hitting Enemies if standing inside a Teammate.

Updated Sudden Death to be on by default upon Stalemates.

Updated info_player_teamspawn (for map makers):

  • Added support for the "Any" in the "Team" keyfield

Updated Impulse 101 to now act like an Upgraded Resupply Locker. (Refills and fills Cloak, Uber and Recharge meters; Weapons can now be swapped out on the fly.)

Updated Randomizer to properly work with item schema.

Updated the Randomizer command to allow for toggling random classes, weapons and attributes.

  • Attributes are handled through a Randomizer config file, that can be modified by the server.

Randomizer Respects the 'tf2c_force_stock_weapons' ConVar.

The Sandvich can now be eaten by all classes in Randomizer.

Ammo grabbed from dropped metal (from destroyed buildings) has been nerfed from being counted as Medium Ammo

Implemented the Thriller Taunt for all classes.

Ported special death animations for headshots, backstabs and added burning deaths from live TF2.

Players will now make louder pain sounds when below 25% health. (Originally, players would play louder pain sounds to attacker and normal sounds to everyone else.)

Enemy Spies that are disguised as Spies will now properly appear disguised.

Ported concise disguise menu from live TF2.

Ported modified push physics used by live TF2 in Payload mode. (Players will no longer get stuck inside the cart.)

Ported Medieval mode.

Ported Special Delivery.

Ported func_croc for map makers.

Ported crumpkin/crit-pumpkin, pumpkin bombs and Halloween pickups.

Reduced maxplayers limit to 64 due to performance issues.

Fixed “Most points” stat not being tracked properly.

Fixed a bug with player pose parameters causing player’s moving animations to mismatch on server and client.

Fixed disguise weapons appearing with a wrong team color.

Fixed jump sound not always playing to other players.

Fixed the ammo dispensing radius of the payload cart’s dispenser not matching its healing radius.

Fixed players keeping the intelligence when auto-switched to Spectator due to inactivity.

Fixed Engineers being able to haul sapped buildings.

Fixed Engineers being to build out of bounds and building inside nobuilds

Fixed disguised Spies using a wrong skin in certain cases.

Fixed certain teleporter particles not appearing.

Fixed a bug related to spectating causing a player to become invisible.

Fixed Medic’s “Ubercharge deployed” response not being triggered when activating Kritzkrieg charge.

Fixed Medigun(sic) heal beams, Ubers & HUD not working for non-Medics in Randomizer mode

Fixed syringes & nails colliding with players.

Fixed teleporter exit incorrectly detecting if the target area is clear in certain cases. (RIP teleporter traps.)

Fixed the bounding box size of Stickies to accurately depict the size of the model.

Fixed damage fall-off on rockets fired by a sentry gun being calculated based on the distance from the sentry gun’s builder and not the sentry gun itself.

Fixed Spies being able to destroy their own sappers.

Fixed cloaking Spies being able to pick up CTF flags

Fixed the flag remaining hanging in mid-air if dropped on a moving brush (e.g. elevator in sd_doomsday)

Fixed certain teams in 4-team mode hearing disguised spies speaking in their normal voice and not as their disguise class.

Fixed teleporter exit telefragging enemies standing on it even if the teleporting player is killed before teleportation completes.

Fixed Hitboxes to properly match with taunt poses.

Fixed Sentry Gun ammo being replenished when sentry gun is picked up and re-deployed.

Fixed level 2 and level 3 Sentry Guns always firing tracers from the left muzzle instead of altering between the two.

Fixed a bug relating to taking received knockback from the enemy beneath you on death.

Fixed a bug causing player to retain standing view height while crouched.

Fixed a server crash related to tf_generic_bomb.

Fixed a game crash relating to the Engineers buildings.

Visual Changes

Added new music tracks to the Main Menu.

  • Main Menu tracks are now handled by a soundscript.

Added support for longer profile names on the main menu

Added Discord Rich Presence support.

Added Arena HUD.

Added a sound for chat messages. (Disable via tf2c_message_alert.)

Added tf2c_invisible_arms.

Added tf2c_spec_playerinfo client command which shows spectated player's name, FOV, viewmodel FOV and viewmodel offset

Added Streamer mode. (Hides chat, player names and avatars.)

Added a glow to the Spy’s cigarette.

Added player blinking.

Player corpses will now have their eyes closed.

Added a visual effect upon players disconnecting.

Added aimmatrices to the Engineer’s PDA animations. (Previously would never look around when moving around the players view.)

Added proper Fire and Reload animations for the Hunting Revolver for the Sniper.

Added "Clip Out" sounds on the Engineer's and Scout's reloads.

Added special Class Select animations for the Nailgun(sic), Huntsman and Hunting Revolver.

Added Medieval specific health-kits.

Added Status Effects. (Can be toggled with tf2c_show_status_effects)

Added Last Survivor Announcer lines to Arena.

Added Voice-lines for the Civilian. (Currently the Civilian cannot move his mouth; This will be fixed in a future update.)

Added a Headshot death animation to the Civilian.

Added unique HUD icons for Stickybombs, Proximity Mines, the Kritzkrieg, and the Medigun(sic).

Added water impact effects to projectiles. (Syringes, nails...)

Added surface splash to underwater explosions.

Added shells to the Minigun.

Added an uncloaking effect to dying cloaked Spies.

Re-used dominations for the main 9 classes to be used towards the Civilian.

Updated Player gibs with consistent textures, illumination positions and jigglebones.

Updated the Spy’s mask textures to be consistent with the 10 classes.

Updated the Civilian model with proper animations.

Updated the Civilian model to properly hold Briefcases and Party Hats.

Updated the Civilian’s viewmodels to be more consistent with the rest of the classes.

Updated the Civilian’s view-height to be more accurate to his height.

Updated the 4team team select screen to be more consistent with every other screen.

Updated the Sniper to be able to gesture while holding the Sniper Rifle and Huntsman.

Updated the Pyro’s head to be consistent with the rest of the classes. (Uses a separate texture-sheet and higher poly mesh.)

Updated the Fire overlay to fade out over time.

Updated water entry/exit effects so they're properly predicted.

Updated class selection screen so the chalkboard with tips looks like it does in old TF2.

Updated over-the-shoulder third person mode:

  • Renamed the cvar from cl_thirdperson to tf2c_thirdperson
  • Changed camera offset from 64,30 to 80, 20
  • Bullets are now fired with an offset so that they go down the center of the screen rather than where player's character is aiming at

Improved our Speech Bubbles to be consistent and higher quality.

Improved our Player textures to be easily distinguishable between teams. (Especially across GRN and YLW.)

Improved Uber textures to now be modular with custom skins.

Improved the Stickybombs GRN and YLW textures.

Improved the Nailgun’s(sic) projectile trails.

Improved the Spy’s PDA aimmatrices when crouched. (Spycrabbing has been left untouched.)

Improved the Pyro’s Flamethrower(sic) aimmatrices to match up with the Flame’s hitboxes better.

Improved the Scout’s Nailgun(sic) animations.

Improved the Snipers(sic) Huntsman animations to be right-handed properly.

Improved the Birthday Ball to remove it’s(sic) jigglebones, and updated the texture to be yearly-neutral.

Improved Class ragdolls to have proper and consistent rotation distances.

Improved Arrows to be ignited mid-air, both by triggers and the Pyro's flames.

Improved Double jump particle effects to now be triggered in code rather than by animevent.

Improved Kill Icons. (Thanks to Neodement for allowing us to use them.)

Disabled muzzle light on Syringe Gun and Nailgun.(sic)

Lowered model muzzle flash duration from 0.2 to 0.12.

Muzzle flash particle effects are no longer disabled if model muzzle flashes are on.

Being touched as a Spy now also affects the viewmodel.

Ported Hitsounds & Killsounds.

Ported "Remember active weapon between lives" and "Remember last weapon between lives" options.

Ported Medic auto callers.

Ported low ammo warning (pulsing animation) and improved it.

Ported "Damage text doesn't prevent overhead effects" option.

Ported over TargetID.

Ported 3D Player model class icon.

Ported tf_scoreboard_mouse_mode cvar.

Ported "Spectator TargetID Location" option.

Fixed all viewmodels to have consistent Illumination positions.

Ported live TF2 class selection screen positions.

Fixed the "Toggle Weather Effects" option, so that it actually disables weather effects when enabled

Fixed bullet shells from landing halfway into the ground.

Fixed the railing on portable_stairs001 from disappearing on lower LODs.

Fixed a bug involving speaking and switching classes.

Fixed the issue with disappearing character eyes.

Fixed the Civilians(sic) Gibs to be ordered correctly.

Fixed the Syringegun’s(sic) Glass from being rendered behind viewmodels.

Fixed the Stickybomb pulse effect to properly follow the entity.

Fixed the Scout’s loser animations from playing faster when running slower than max speed.

Fixed the Heavy, Pyro, and Soldier’s Place Sapper animations to be left-handed.

Fixed the Scout’s Flinch animation to keep the weapon locked to his right hand.

Fixed Flinch animations to lock the Classes feet in place.

Fixed stickybomb pulse effect to properly follow the entity

Fixed some classes not being able to look around in Thirdperson while jumping.

Fixed the Gunboats from turning dark on the Soldier or Demoman’s ragdoll if equipped.

Map Changes

Added the following maps:


dom_hydro (Replacing cp_hydro)






Added the following maps from Live TF2:
































Updated cp_amaranth:

Updated the clipping of the map.

Fixed the grinder at the end of the map from playing across the server upon someone falling into it.

The grinder now gibs players upon being touched.

Fixed a few visual issues.

Fixed being able to build in RED spawn

Fixed being able to place Stickies on spawn doors

Updated ctf_casbah:

Fixed BLU's respawn door from locking on certain occasions.

Fixed all soundscapes across the map. (Originally, they would never play properly)

Updated the team colouring of both areas around each teams base.

Updated RED's spawn to direct the player where to go to leave their spawn.

Updated BLU's intel building to tell players that there are two entrances.

Updated the clipping of the map.

Removed some pipes around RED's base to remove extreme height variation. All other previous pipes have been clipped off for the same reason.

Removed the overhang over BLU's spawn exit.

Removed the following maps: